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Why choose Offset Detailing?

Offset Detailing is an award-winning car detailing service in Essex run by Daryl Benfield. Since 2015, Daryl has detailed more than 1,500 cars ranging from a brand new Ford Transit to an ultra rare modified Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Making Daryl one of the most experienced detailers in Essex.


Offset Detailing is a Kamikaze Collection Certified detailer, Auto Finesse approved and winner of the UK’s Favourite Detailer competition 2018. 

Car Detailing Services

Car Detailing Essex - Wash and Protection Package

Wash & Maintanence Detail


A deep clean & protection wax/sealant for both new & older vehicles – this starts with a thorough wash and decontamination process of your vehicle. Even if a vehicle is brand new, deposits are picked up during transportation, these are carefully removed during the wash process. The car is then clayed to remove even more contaminants which gives the paint protection sealant of your choice a completely clean surface to bond to. Ceramic coatings are highly recommended for maintaining the finish and easy after care.


The wheels and glass are also sealed. The interior is vacuumed and cleaned throughout and the engine bay is protected with Aerospace 303. This process is designed to protect your existing paint condition and help ease future washing.

Car Detailing Essex Paint Correction

Paint Correction


A single or multi stage enhancement, paint protection detail for new & older vehicles. This is the ideal option if you have marring, swirl marks and scratches on your car. Firstly, your vehicle is deep cleaned and clayed in preparation for removing these defects. The defects are then removed by gradually polishing them out which creates an incredible finish to the paintwork – the flake or pearl will ‘pop’ a lot more and the paint colour will look substantially enhanced with added depth.


Your car is then ready for the sealant of your choice to protect and preserve your corrected and enhanced paint. A time consuming but very rewarding option, please expect to leave your car 2-3 days depending on size of car and its paint defects. Results may vary depending on the existing condition of the paint.

Car Detailing Essex - Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection


One of the most popular choices in paint protection. A ceramic coating offers seriously long term protection, making your vehicle’s paintwork less susceptible to marring, swirlmarks and light scratches.


Choose from Kamikaze, Pyramid Car Care, Gtechniq, Gyeon or a Ceramic Coating of your choice.

New Car Detailing


Unfortunately not all new cars are presented to their new owner in the best condition due to lack of care and dealership budget to prep a new car.


Brand new paint can be machine polished and protected. Our customers collect their car from Offset Detailing looking ‘better than brand new’. The new car protection detail is carried out like a paint correction service and is aimed at offering protection from the outset with peace of mind that future washing and maintenance will require minimal effort.


Ceramic coatings are highly recommended for maintaining the finish and providing easy after care.

Car Detailing Prices


Our car detailing prices start from just £120. 


Whether you’re looking for a thorough wash and maintenance detailing service, new car protection or multi stage paint correction. There’s a detailing package for you at Offset Detailing.


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Kamikaze Certified

Kamikaze Collection Certified car detailer


I am one of a handful of Kamikaze Collection Certified detailers world wide personally trained by Kamikaze Collection CEO Kai Morita who flew direct from Japan to expertly apply their top of the range boutique protective coatings as well as their Kaizen approach to machine polishing and paint correction. I am also approved by Auto Finesse to use their vast range of car care products. Recently, I won Pyramid Car Care’s 2018 UK’s Favourite Detailer Award which was voted by the public against some strong competition.

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Travelling from London?

Offset Detailing is conveniently positioned to make travelling from London easy, from central London to Offset Detailing takes approximately 1 hour. 

From further afield?

Offset Detailing provides car detailing services to people who care about their cars, regardless of whether you’re travelling from Essex, the Midlands or Scotland. Please call in advance to guarantee availability before making a long journey to Offset Detailing.