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Award winning car detailer in Essex. Trusted with everything from Daily Cars to Supercars. Car detailing services include: paint correction, ceramic coating, Paint Protection Film (PPF) and new car detailing. 

Conveniently located in Rayleigh, Essex SS6 9EZ, less than 1 hour from central London.

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Why choose Offset Detailing?

Offset Detailing is an award-winning car detailing service in Essex, established in 2015 by Daryl Benfield. Detailing everything from daily’s (brand new Ford Transit) to ultra rare supercars (Lamborghini Huracan Performante). Kamikaze Collection Certified, Accredited Titan Coatings detailer & Auto Finesse approved. Winner of Pyramid Car Care’s UK’s Favourite Detailer competition 2018. 

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Why choose Offset Detailing?

Offset Detailing is an award-winning car detailing service in Essex, established in 2015 by Daryl Benfield. Detailing everything from daily’s (brand new Ford Transit) to ultra rare supercars (Lamborghini Huracan Performante). Kamikaze Collection Certified, Accredited Titan Coatings detailer & Auto Finesse approved. Winner of Pyramid Car Care’s UK’s Favourite Detailer competition 2018. 

Rated 4.8 with 79 reviews on Google

About Offset Detailing

Offset Detailing has been providing professional car detailing services in Essex since 2015 including new car detailing, paint correction and ceramic coatings. We take pride in delivering outstanding results regardless of whether your car is new or used, a daily car or supercar. Our customer reviews on Google (79 reviews rated 4.8 out of 5), include feedback such as “Exceeded all my expectations“, “Daryl delivered such a high standard of work” and “Over the moon with the results“.

Car Detailing Services in Essex

New Car Detailing

Enhance and protect your new car with a better than new finish.

Unfortunately many new cars require paint correction by the time they reach their new owners. Mainly due to poor storage, transportation and lazy wash techniques. 

There’s no better time to consider paint protection. Once we’ve got your paintwork looking perfect it’s time to choose: Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Ceramic Coating? or you may decide to combine the two, to keep your new car looking new for longer.

Prices: from £450

Timescale: from 1-4 days 

Paint Correction

Choose from a single stage or multi stage paint correction.

Machine polishing is the only way to remove minor scratches, swirl marks, holograms and other imperfections from your paintwork, without the need for respraying. It’s the tried and trusted method for enhancing gloss. 

Say goodbye to dull and faded paintwork, and hello to a better than new finish. 

Prices: from £400

Timescale: from 2-3 days 

Ceramic Coating

Protect and enhance your paintwork with a professionally applied Ceramic Coating

One of the most popular choices in paint protection, due to long term protection from 2 to 10 years. Most commonly applied to paintwork, Ceramic Coatings can also be applied to plastic, wheels, exhaust tips, carbon and more. Helping to keep your car cleaner for longer.

Choose from a range of Ceramic Coatings including Kamikaze Collection, 
Titan Coatings UK, Pyramid Car Care, Gtechniq, Gyeon or a Ceramic Coating of your choice.

Prices: from £450

Timescale: from 1-2 days 

About Daryl Benfield

Daryl’s passion for car detailing started in 1999, detailing his own cars to show winning standards taking home many awards, from Best Paintwork, Best in Class and Best in show. Daryl always took a laid back yet humble approach to his work, something that shines through today, in the attention to detail provided to each and every car he details. Daryl’s work has been featured in magazines across the UK and Europe including six front covers. 

Rated 4.8 with 79 reviews on Google

“Daryl’s expertise is evident from his award winning work and the examples of work on his video channel. So there was only one place I was taking my new car for paint protection detail. From first contact Daryl was on it he provided a detailed walkthrough of the different options and not just trying to push the highest cost option. He was super helpful in schedule changes due to delays with the dealer. He provided picture updates during the process and the results are outstanding, the car is absolutely flawless with a mirror like gloss finish. I am over the moon with the result and therefore would thoroughly recommend offset detailing to all whether it’s a new car or restoration of a cherished used one.”

by Shahid Naveed, 5 stars

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Kamikaze Certified

Daryl is one of a handful of Kamikaze Collection Certified detailers world wide personally trained by Kamikaze Collection CEO Kai Morita who flew direct from Japan to expertly apply their top of the range boutique protective coatings as well as their Kaizen approach to machine polishing and paint correction. Also approved by Auto Finesse, accredited by Titan Coating and winner of the UK’s favourite detailer 2018 (a Pyramid Car Care competition).

Looking for local Car Detailing in Essex?

Conveniently located less than 1 hour from central London, in Essex. Offset Detailing is your local, award winning detailer.

Address: Unit 3, Gables Properties, Beke Hall Chase, London Rd, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 9EZ

Phone number: 07843 201313


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What is Car Detailing?

What is car detailing? Car detailing is often mixed up with valeting and car washing, and while all 3 terms are categories of car care it’s important to understand the difference between them, to know which service is right for your car and when.

Car care can be broken down into 3 categories: car wash, car valeting and car detailing.

Car Detailing – detailing is the top tier of car care for a number of reasons including the time taken, range of services, the care and attention paid to your vehicle and the range of specialist detailing products used, to name a few reasons. Car detailers like Daryl at Offset Detailing are experienced professionals who take pride in their work, and have years of experience perfecting their art. In Daryl’s case detailing started as a passion, perfecting his own cars for car shows where he won numerous awards. Detailers often follow meticulous processes when detailing.

Car valeting – valeting services can be broken down by interior valeting and exterior valeting which focus on cleaning and protecting your car. These services usually take between 2 to 4 hours and cost between £25 to £75. Most valeters provide their services on your drive, or roadside, operating from mobile valeting vans. However like the car care industry there are levels to valeting. Take Urban Valets in Liverpool, his services cross over with car detailing so much so they could be called valeting or detailing.

Car Wash – also referred to as wash and wax or the £5 car wash is a quick and cheap wash of your car’s exterior (sometimes including a quick hoover inside and a cheap air freshener). Often completed by low-skilled, minimum wage staff. We advise against these cheap car washes. They commonly use cheap and harsh chemicals such as TFR and reuse clothes without washing them, then rub those dirty clothes over your paintwork. In the worst case you risk scratches and swirl marks in your paintwork. These services usually take 15 – 45 minutes, and cost between £5 and £25. You can usually find a car wash close to the supermarket, in a car park, or on busy roads.

For a visual explanation of this, check out this helpful guide by Auto Finnese: what is car detailing.

What’s the difference between car detailing and valeting?

Car detailing originated in the United States, where it’s more commonly referred to as Auto Detailing. Whilst the phrase Car Detailing has grown in popularity in the UK, car detailing and car valeting are often used to refer to the same services, as explained by DetailingWiki.

Valeting is typically a quick in and out, often completed from the back of a mobile valeting van. Car valeting businesses usually focus on quantity – as many cars as possible per day

For the best results when polishing and applying a ceramic coating, the work should be completed indoors and coating allowed to cure to protect against elements

As a car detailer I focus on quality, most cars take 3 days at Offset Detailing

How much does Car Detailing cost?

Car detailing prices may vary by location, detailer, your car’s condition, the products used and the services you are interested in. We’ve created an overview of car detailing costs below.

Full new car detailFrom £4501-4 days
Car polishingFrom £4002-3 days
Ceramic coatingsFrom £4501-2 days

When should. Iget my car detailed?

When should I get my car detailed?

Brand new cars – as soon as possible – for protection and perfection. The longer they’re on the road, the more they’re washed, the more they’re exposed to the elements – the more polishing work is needed to reset the paintwork before protecting with wax, ceramic coating or PPF.

When you’re having difficulty washing the car.

When you see swirl marks, marring and a dull paint finish.

Lacklustre appearance.

“It doesn’t look as good as it should” or “It needs something extra” or “needs that extra pop” – are all signs you need to call a detailer.

What is car polishing? 

  • Single stage – for minor defects – enhancing – lightly cutting the clear coat and enhancing the clarity and gloss of the paintwork
  • 2 stage – heavier defects – using a heavier compound – removing as many defects as possible – first stage cuts back and second stage for refining the finish, gloss clarity
  • 3rd stage – even finer compounds – the optimum clarity, gloss and visual appeal
  • We use a paint depth gauge to measure the paint depth before polishing to check if there’s been any previous repairs, and how much lacquer we’ve got to play with when polishing. Why do we measure? To reduce the risk of burning through the lacquer and damaging the paintwork, i.e. the lower the reading the more risk.
  • Rotary polishing machines – for heavy defect removal – forced rotation
  • Dual action polishers for single stage and refinement
  • Compounds such as kockchemie and menzerna as well as kamikaze polishes and sonax
  • How do you choose polishing tools, pads and compounds? Tailored to each customer’s car – experience gives us a rough idea which compound, polishing pad and machine to use, but no 2 cars are the same
  • Results and combinations of tools and products can depend on the mark of the car – some examples include Japanese cars have hard paint, American soft, experience helps us understand – but this rules aren’t always true

What are swirl marks and why should I care about them? 

Swirl marks and marring, are scratches or defects in your paintwork, and often caused by poor wash or poor polishing techniques. Technically they are caused by sharp and abrasive materials and objectives that make contact with your car’s paintwork such as: dirty microfibre towels, cheap sponges and wash mitts, car polish, pets, ribbons, plastic sheets, bushes, and more. 

Why should you care? Firstly if you purchased your car with a lease or PCP agreement, these swirl marks and scratches could cost you when you come to hand the car back by reducing the value of the vehicle. Secondly paint defects take away from your car’s visual appeal, making the paintwork look dull and faded. These defects also give dirt and contaminants something to grab on to, which causes your car to get dirtier faster, and makes the car harder to clean and maintain. 

Car polishing removes these paint defects, and helps to bring out your car’s best colour. Ceramic coatings and paint protection film increase the gloss and protect your paintwork from further damage. 

Call Daryl at Offset Detailing 7 days a week on 07843 201313 – to discuss your requirements.