2008 Porsche 997 Carrera S Paint Correction Detail

This 2008 Porsche 911 997 Generation 2 3.8 Carrera S was in desperate need of a paint correction detail and protective coatings to protect the guards red paintwork. A two stage machine polishing process was carried out to rid as many defects as possible, there were some odd paint blistering on the rear bumper and a few sketchy areas also so this was treated with extreme caution or left alone if unworkable. Some of the worst marring I’ve ever seen down the sides of the Porsche and deep swirl marks taken care of.

After the polishing, it was time for two awesome Kamikaze Collection coatings. Doubling them up creates ridiculous gloss and superb durability against the elements. Miyabi was laid down first, with ISM Pro over the top after a curing period. Interior needed a good clean and vacuum with floor mats wet vacced. Exterior glass was coated with Kamikaze Collection Instenso with the wheel faces treated with Finishkare Hi Temp wax. Engine bay dressed with Aerospace 303.

The result, nearly ten years of ageing taken away from the appearance looking extremely glossy VERY bright and extremely well protected.