Here we have a stunning 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio with pretty much every optional extra ticked painted in the equally stunning tri coat Competizione Red for an ultimate new car detail. Exterior carbon fibre options, carbon rear spoiler, carbon fibre roof, carbon fibre bonnet, carbon fibre grill surround, lower front carbon fibre splitter, carbon fibre steering wheel, carbon fibre kick plates, carbon side covers for the carbon fibre bucket seats, carbon fibre dash insert, carbon centre console this example has it all and not forgetting the carbon ceramic brake upgrade with red calipers! Phew!

A safe wash and decontamination process was carried to prepare the Alfa for it’s two stage machine polish to rid any minor defects and create a deep wet look finish to really show off that tri coat paints flake, a two stage machine polish was also carried out on the gloss black trim and exterior carbon fibre sections. The rear Giulia badge was removed as per the owners request then followed with the two stage polish.

The owners friend has a beautfiul 100th Anniversary Maserati GT MC Stradale in Rosso Magma which was also detailed by me previously – you can watch that full detail being carried out by clicking here and finished in the Kamikaze Collection flagship coating Enrei, he loved the look of that so opted for Enrei Coat on his own car.

Enrei Coat is only available to Kamikaze Collection certified detailers like Offset Car Detailing Essex. Enrei is a unique formula consisting of two layers which when combined form the ultimate in protection of your vehicle’s paintwork. The initial layer acts as a primer, penetrating the microscopic pores in the paint’s lacquer to form a secure bond whilst presenting an increased surface area for the topcoat to bond to. The second layer provides an extremely tough, resistant hydrophobic barrier that repels dirt, salt, water and oils.

Check out the full video below and additional pictures.