A brand new 2020 ’20 plate’ BMW M340i in pearl white booked in for it’s new car detail here at Offset Car Detailing Essex. A full safe wash and decontamination process was carried out before a single stage machine polish to remove any minor paint defects that can be caused by poor factory or dealership valeter finishing. After the car polishing and a panel wipe down, Kamikaze Collection ceramic coatings were applied to the paintwork, headlights and exterior trim.

The first ceramic coating being Kamikaze Collection Miyabi Coat which was used as a base layer. Kamikaze Collection Miyabi Coat contains smaller molecules than the average glass coat sealant, making it is less prone to water spotting. The high silica dioxide content provides durable protection and an amazingly clear, brilliant shine to any colour paintwork.

After a two hour curing period, the accredited detailer only application of Kamikaze Collection Zipang Coat was applied over the top to add further thickness and paint protection to the surface. Not to mention self levelling properties and a great candy gloss effect.

Exterior glass protection courtesy of Angelwax H2GO rain repellent helping the driver see more clearly in poor road conditions. The wheels were protected with Titan Coatings UK heat resistant G238 Coat, of which Offset Car Detailing Essex are also an accredited detailer. The interior was vacuumed and cleaned throughout.