An awesome 2020 Mercedes Benz C43 AMG Coupe in selenite grey booked in for a new car detail. After the usual safe wash and decontamination process, a two stage machine polish was carried out to the paintwork and gloss black trim to remove any minor defects and enhance the overall finish of the selenite grey paintwork.

This car had full surface protection with Titan Coatings UK ceramic coating products. Starting with the paintwork and trim, Titan and Ultra Top Coat were applied to give excellent gloss and durability against the elements. Glass was polished inside and out. New for 2020, Titan Hyperglass was applied to the exterior glass with excellent hydrophobic properties to aid the driver in poor road conditions.

Wheel and caliper protection package was also added, wheels removed and coated inside and out including calipers with Titan Coatings UK G238 heat resistant coating. Wheels refitted, torqued to factory settings with locking wheel bold and Mercedes star centre caps aligned.

The superb Mercedes interior was cleaned and vacuumed throughout.

You can view the full process in the video below, and check out the additional pictures.