500 BHP Meth Injected Track Weapon Mercedes A45 AMG Full Cage Offset Detailing Essex

Having detailed this some time ago, this Mercedes A45 AMG was a super quick car back then. Upon it’s arrival at Offset Car Detailing Essex it was clear to see the A45 had some serious upgrades taking it to 500 BHP and methanol injection. If that wasn’t enough, the interior was fully stripped to allow a full custom roll cage to be fitted alongside the Recaro bucket seats and harnesses. The Methanol injection sits in the boot neatly plumbed in on a false floor.

Front brakes were upgraded to monster AP Racing items, a full race coilover suspension setup and lightweight Team Dynamics wheels shod with road/track semi slick tyres.

After a safe wash and decontamination, the 45 was given a two stage machine polish to rid swirl marks and scratches, increasing the clarity and giving a nice crisp look to the solid white paintwork. Protection for the paintwork, exterior trim, carbon fibre and PPF sections came from accredited detailer only Titan Coatings Hyperquartz Titan ceramic coating with Ultra Top Coat as a second layer.

The exterior glass coating taken care of with Angelwax H2GO rain repellent. The interior was vacuumed and cleaned throughout. As the owner wanted the lightweight wheels fitted, he opted for our wheel and caliper protection package. The wheels were cleaned and decontaminated then protected along with the calipers using Gyeon Rim and fitted to the 45’s extended threads with upgraded wheel nuts and tightened to a specific torque ready for the Nurburgring.

This must be the most insane A45 AMG in the UK and a pleasure to work on again.

You can view the full video below.