02.04.18 – Offset Detailing Voted The UK’s Favourite Detailer In Pyramid Care Care Competition 

The UK’s Favourite Detailer competition ran during February and March 2018. Nominations were open to the public and Offset Detailing Essex was announced as the winner on 1 April 2018 with the majority of nominations.

The nominations received from Daryl’s customer’s speak for themselves….

“My Audi had a lot of swirl marks and paint defects when I bought the car from the dealership, full correction carried out with durable ceramic coatings which are still doing their job 2 years later. Would highly recommend.” – Claire

“Daryl uses the best products, gives the best service and all at a reasonable price. Nothing is ever a problem and his knowledge of his product is the best I have come across, in all the Detailers I have used in the past” – Martyn

“Complete 3 cars for me so far, always been friendly and approachable but most importantly great attention to detail. He clearly understands his products, knows what to recommend and how to get the best for your car and your budget too. Wont go anywhere else.” – Sami


28.09.17 – New Car Protection Detail – 67 reg VW Golf R Lapis Blue

Another new car for September, with a full new car detail package. The paintwork was machine polish to rid any minor paint defects and create a deep, glossy base for the two Kamikaze Collection ceramic coatings. The owner was originally booked for Gtechniq Crystal Serum and Exo coatings, but having seen the finish and protection of the Kamikaze Collection products he went for Miyabi as a base coating with certified detailer only ISM Pro on top. This gives an intense deep candy like gloss to the paintwork and gives superb protection against dirt, grease, road grime and rain making the weekly wash easy. The exterior glass is also coated resulting in reduced usage of the windscreen wipers – the rain drops literally bead and roll off of the glass making driving in poor conditions a breeze.

Wheel and Caliper protection package. This is a great idea for all vehicles of any year. Coating the wheels inside and out with the calipers makes cleaning them a lot easier. Less brake dust will stick and you won’t need harsh wheel cleaning products to get the job done. Coating your wheels also helps against pitting and age related issues. The Golf R’s wheels and calipers were coated with Gyeon Rim. A heat resistant coating that will repel dirt.

Also included in the Golf R’s new car detail was the leather protection package. Thoroughly recommended the factory leather can quickly lose it’s matte supple finish with day to day wear, making the leather shiny looking which is down to dirt and moisture from your skin. Carefully cleaning and coating the leather prevents dye transfer from clothing and the before mentioned day to day dirt and moisture build up. The finish is matte and keeps the natural leather smell to the interior.

You can watch the video of the Golf R’s full new car protection detail on the Youtube video below.



01.09.2017 – New Car Detail – First of the 67 registration vehicles In For New Car Protection Details

The first of March and September are busy months for car dealerships across the UK as the new registration drops. September being the 67 plate. Dealerships are absolutely overloaded with new vehicles being prepped for their excited new owners – but this comes at a price. Knowing this for a fact from a Volkswagen dealership valeters are only allowed to spend up to and hour (maybe an hour and a half) applying a paint protection coating on your vehicle that costs you £400-£500+ but in reality costs as little as £20-£30, is not durable and is applied in such a way that damages your new paint finish but rushing through your car to meet the dealerships numbers.

Booking a new car protection detail and passing on dealership applied coatings is the right way of protecting your new investment, be it a daily driver, works vehicle or new weekend toy.

Vehicles booked in at Offset Detailing Essex are safely decontaminated, washed and clayed prior to being machine polished to enhance gloss and rid any minor to major defects that may have been inflicted during transportation or at the dealership. Believe me this can happen and the new car detail on this metallic black Porsche Macan S just goes to show that you should thoroughly check your car before driving it out of the showroom.

Two new car protection details in this month are the brand new shape Audi RS3 Sportback. This had a single stage machine polish and two Kamikaze Collection protective coatings for extreme gloss and durability against the elements layered on top of one another. Miyabi was used as a base coat with certified only ISM Pro on top for excellent at repelling water and dirt. The owner also opted for the wheels to be removed and coated inside and out as well as the brake calipers for easy cleaning with less road grime and brake dust sticking to the service. This helps wheels against corrosion against the elements. Exterior glass is also coated to aid the driver in wet conditions, less use of the wipers and rain water falling off of the glass is not only really cool, but is safer for the driver and occupants as we head into the winter months. Check out this new car protection detail in the video below.


The second new car detail this month was in poor condition, which the owner did not notice when at the dealership and upon leaving there, was brought straight into Offset Detailing. A large deep scratch on the rear bootlid, poor valeting techniques and preparation resulted in scratches along the doors, swirl marks on the wings and bonnet as well as holograms from poor machine polishing on the front end required a multi stage machine polish to rid the defects and bring back the finish that this brand new Macan S should have in the first place. Kamikaze Collection ISM Pro coating was used to give intense gloss and superb durability with easy maintenance. The entire process of this paint correction detail on a new car can be seen here.


22.08.2017 – Dripping wet 2012 Audi TTRS Paint Correction Detail & Kamikaze Collection ISM Pro Coat!

This great looking 2012 Audi TTRS travelled all the way down from Warwickshire to Essex for it’s paint correction detail and paint protection package. The result an extremely glossy finish and superb durability from the certified detailer only ISM Pro by Kamikaze Collection Japan. Not just new car details, but all years catered for! Check the video below and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!


16.08.2017 – New Car Protection Detail – Why have your new vehicle detailed? Why Choose a Ceramic Coating?

A new car protection detail was recently carried out on this really cool looking Peugeot 208 GTI Prestige in the video below. But why opt for a new car detail or new car protection? New cars don’t come with any protection from the factory and dealership applied coatings left a lot to be desired as the vehicle ends up with swirl marks and scratches from poor valeting techniques and a rush turn around to get your new car detail out the door. A recent talk with a local Volkswagen dealership admitted the coatings they use in house cost only £22 a unit and the valeter will spend no more than an hour and a half preparing your vehicle. Not quite what you want to hear when investing a large amount of your money in a brand new vehicle. And that’s coming from the sales manager himself!

Offset Detailing Essex specialise in new car details from exotica through to hot hatches, presitge, daily driven vehicles and just about everything in between. New car protection details consist of a full wash and decontamination to rid dirt and bonded contaminants that are picked up when they leave the factory and transported over to the dealers. The vehicle is then clay barred for a smooth surface. Note this is always the case on any detail. Machine polishing the paintwork to ensure a deep glossy finish for the coating to sit on ridding the surface of swirl marks, wash marring and scratches is also highly recommended instead of just a protective coating being applied straight to the surface as the paint post polishing is the best it can possibly look before a ceramic coating is applied.

New car protection details with decent coatings make car care maintenance easy as less dirt sticks to the vehicle and the hydrophobic properties making the weekly wash a breeze. The hard durable coatings also help against inflicting swirl marks and defects into the paintwork as the coating itself takes the abuse and not the paintwork itself. Exterior glass is also coated giving the driver superior vision as rain droplets roll off of the windscreen and less wiper motion needed ensures safer driving in poor road conditions.

What Coating Is Best?

There are many brands of coatings on the market today, which can be confusing and also disappointing as some work better than others. My personal favourite brand is handmade in Japan by Kamikaze Collection. The majority of Kamikaze Collection coatings are certified only and I have been trained personally by CEO Kai Morita himself in proper application and technique. They offer exceptional gloss, incredible durability and unlike the other major brands on the market do not water spot, which is vital when your coating is in the early stages of it’s lifespan after application. Brands used daily at Offset Detailing as well as Kamikaze Collection International are Gyeon, Carpro, Gtechniq to ensure your investment stays looking just detailed not for months, but for years to come.

Alloy Wheel Protection 

This is also worth considering. Wheels alone collect the majority of dirt while you are driving. Removing the wheels and coating them inside and out as well as the brake calipers with a high temprature resistant coating makes the weekly wash far easier as less dirt, brake dust and oils adhere to the surface and helps fight against corrosion without the need for strong wheel cleaners that can dull and damage your wheels finish.

Vehicle Interior Leather &  Fabric Protection

Another worthwhile option to add to your new car detail. With a non greasy, natural matt finish and leather fragrance that helps against dye transfer from clothing, spillages, dirt and sweat from everyday use this is a very important part of your detail not to be overlooked. Your interior will stay fresher and keep it looking it’s best as apposed to an untreated car interior


Check out this new Peugeot 208 GTI Prestige new car detail that was recently completed.

29.07.2017 – 2008 Porsche 997 Carrera S Paint Correction Detail

This 2008 Porsche 911 997 Generation 2 3.8 Carrera S was in desperate need of a paint correction detail and protective coatings to protect the guards red paintwork. A two stage machine polishing process was carried out to rid as many defects as possible, there were some odd paint blistering on the rear bumper and a few sketchy areas also so this was treated with extreme caution or left alone if unworkable. Some of the worst marring I’ve ever seen down the sides of the Porsche and deep swirl marks taken care of.

After the polishing, it was time for two awesome Kamikaze Collection coatings. Doubling them up creates ridiculous gloss and superb durability against the elements. Miyabi was laid down first, with ISM Pro over the top after a curing period. Interior needed a good clean and vacuum with floor mats wet vacced. Exterior glass was coated with Kamikaze Collection Instenso with the wheel faces treated with Finishkare Hi Temp wax. Engine bay dressed with Aerospace 303.

The result, nearly ten years of ageing taken away from the appearance looking extremely glossy VERY bright and extremely well protected.


26.07.2017 – Brand New Panamera New Car Detail

A phenomenal brand new Porsche Panamera 4S with special order GT Spirit silver metallic paintwork (a high cost optional extra) was in for a full Kamikaze Collection exterior protection detail with included wheel, caliper and leather protection packages included.

Single stage machine polish was carried out to enhance gloss and depth of the awesome GT Spirit silver metallic paintwork with certified detailer only Kamikaze Collection ISM Pro hydrocarbon coating applied to the paintwork and exterior trim giving a superb candy gloss finish and incredible durability.

Exterior glass was coated with Kamikaze Collection Intenso.

The wheels were removed and coated inside and out with Kamikaze Collection Stance rim coating as well as the monster calipers front and back, helping to resist brake dust and road grime making cleaning easier.

Inside, the incredible luxury interior leather was cleaned and coated with multiple coats of Dr Leather Dye Block helping against dye transfer from clothing and the usual dirt, grime. The interior is an extremely luxurious and comfortable place to be boasting four screens which act just like I-pads and very user friendly.

Top of the range bespoke protective coatings for a top of the range Porsche Panamera 4S!



02.03.2017 – Gepfeffert Brand New 2017 Audi TTRS Audi R8 V10 Plus Detail

Gepfeffert UK returns to Offset Detailing with it’s latest demo car, a brand new and highly sought after Audi TTRS.

Sporting a badgeless black gloss grill, their top of the range HLS digital coilover system with ride height changes at the touch of a button in car and remotely via a keyfob. The huge drop tucks the 20″ OZ Racing wheels in crackle black, showing off the monster brake calipers which were treated with Kamikaze Collection products.

A two stage machine polish was carried out cutting back defects and giving the metallic red paint some serious gloss.

Certified detailer only Kamikaze Collection ISM Pro was then applied giving the paintwork an incredible candy like gloss and serious protection against the elements.

Exterior glass was protected with Kamikaze Collection Intenso window coat.

Interior was cleaned and vacuumed throughout, mats wet vacced and patterned, leather was protected with Gyeon Leather Coat Q2. Engine bay cleaned and dressed with Aerospace 303.

This is an absolutely beautiful car in person and the look of it is extremely aggressive as a stock car, even more so with Gepfeffert UK’s awesome hard static slam and wheel combination.

Look out for it on the roads and the upcoming shows.

02.03.2017 – Gepfeffert 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus Detail By Offset Detailing Essex

Gepfeffert UK’s incredible 2016 Audi V10 Plus R8 in vegas yellow rolls out of Offset Detailing after it’s detail and short hibernation alongside his friend’s nardo grey V10 Plus R8 which is currently in – now that’s a view!!
Check out the superb sounding Akrapovic exhaust out in the video, the slammed Gepfeffert cup kit which retain’s the OEM electronic dampening system and the 20″ custom made ADV.1 three piece wheels!
Finished in Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax and Overcoat after a two stage machine polish. Wheels coated in Kamikaze Collection Stance Rim Coat with exterior glass coated in Kamikaze’s Intenso.


The Original Detail Below


08.12.2016 – Lamborghini Superleggera LP570-4 Detail with Kamikaze Collection Enrei Coat & Suntek Paint Protection Film Installation

A jaw dropping, neck cracking Lamborghini Superleggera was booked in a fair while back for a truly exclusive detail.

Offset Detailing have recently completed training at Ultimate Finish, Brands Hatch with a select few other detailers from England, Scotland and Ireland to become sole detailers for the incredible Enrei Coat and ISM Pro coatings. Kai Morita flew all the way over from Japan and taught us the methods and knowledge needed to apply these specific coatings and also introduce us to his other products. I have been wanting to meet Kai for a long time and with he and Jez at Ultimate Finish, we all had an excellent day, learning a lot and the intricate way of Japanese detailing.

[I]Enrei Coat.

A Japanese combination of two words, EN (gloss) and Rei (glamorous) is a unique two-stage sealant that is the culmination of many years of development, the last two years of which have been overseen by Todd Cooperider at Esoteric in the US. ENREI delivers outstanding gloss levels whilst providing lasting protection, not only from the elements but also from water spotting.

Despite tests carried out in Japan demonstrating industry-leading longevity, Kamikaze Collection has specifically resisted advertising this is any marketing material, believing that once customers have experienced ENREI, they’ll be able to judge for themselves the outstanding performance of the system.

ENREI COAT will only be available as a service. So far, only a handful of professionals worldwide are qualified and authorised to apply it and Kamikaze Collection plans to keep the number limited in order to guarantee quality.[/I]
Original tired paint protection film was removed prior to the Superleggera received a single stage machine polish to rid minor defects and bring out super gloss and flake.

New Suntek PPF was carefully installed to the entire front end, bonnet, bumper, mirrors and mirror stems, front valance and rear quarter panels.

Enrei coat (two coating system) was applied within specific time frames and methods. The pictures and video literally cannot get across the intense gloss from this coating. It is actually incredible. Water beading and sheeting was insane only after a few hours curing. After the full curing period this Superleggera will be unrivalled. Enrei was also applied to the carbon fibre exterior parts – there was carbon dripping everywhere!

Wheels and monster calipers housing carbon ceramic brakes were coated with Gyeon Rim inside and out with the tyres and exterior glass also receiving Gyeon products.

Engine bay was carefully hand cleaned with carbon, rubbers and plastics dressed accordingly.

The interior is sublime. Full carbon fibre door cards, alcantara everywhere meant serious business. Floor mats wet vacced, vacuumed throughout and carbon fibre parts receiving Offset Detailing’s very own gloss enhancing quick detailer.

An absolute pleasure to work on, receiving Kamikaze Collection’s ultimate, exclusive coating.



07.12.2016 – Offset Detailing Certifed Detailers Training Day – THE FIRST! Check out the video by editied by Ultimate Finish & Kamikaze Collection! Who’s that in the BBC Camo 😉


07.12.2016 – Offset Detailing Is Now a Certified Kamikaze Collection Detailer • Exclusive Enrei Coat & ISM Pro Coatings Now Available Only at Offset!

Offset Detailing was down at Ultimate Finish Brands Hatch to attend the first ever UK Kamikaze Collection training event and meet Kai Morita, the man behind Kamikaze Collection for in depth training on the intricate ways of detailing, Japanese style “The Kamikaze Way”! We also learnt the skilled art of applying their flagship two stage coating, Enrei Coat.

Certification gives Offset Detailing Essex exclusive access to the pro-only ENREI. A Japanese combination of two words, EN (gloss) and Rei (glamorous) is a unique two-stage sealant that is the culmination of many years of development, the last two years of which have been overseen by Todd Cooperider at Esoteric Detail in the USA. ENREI delivers outstanding gloss levels whilst providing lasting protection, not only from the elements but also from water spotting.

Despite tests carried out in Japan demonstrating industry-leading longevity, Kamikaze Collection has specifically resisted advertising this is any marketing material, believing that once customers have experienced ENREI, they’ll be able to judge for themselves the outstanding performance of the system.
ENREI COAT will only be available as a professional service. Only a handful of professionals worldwide are qualified and authorised to apply it and Kamikaze Collection plans to keep the number limited in order to guarantee quality for it’s detailers clients.
Check out the stunning Lamborghini Superleggera LP570-4 I detailed with the incredible Enrei Coat and also Suntek PPF film.
01.11.2016 – Xpel & Suntek Paint Protection Film (PPF) In House Installation
Offset Detailing are now very pleased to offer full in house, approved fitment of Xpel and Suntek paint protection film which is a truly ground breaking car protection film. Why get your vehicle detailed, then drive to the next destination for PPF fitment then back again for the paint to be coated, only to be contaminated to and from the PPF fitment. Keep it clean and in house.
The first car to receive this awesome treatment was Sami’s brand new BMW M2! He also opted for the superb Kamikaze Collection Miyabi & ISM Coat combination. Check the movie out here

28.03.2016 – The Three R8’s.

A very busy month in March at Offset Detailing, Essex. A total of three Audi R8’s booked in for a two stage machine polish and Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax for paintwork and carbon fibre protection. Two of the R8’s being the brand new V10 Plus models, in Nardo Grey and Vegas Yellow. The third being the original shape 4.2 V8 in Phantom Black. Video’s are below. Enjoy!

Vegas Yellow Gepfeffert UK V10 Plus Video

Nardo Grey V10 Plus Video

Phantom Black 4.2 V8 Audi R8 Video



21.03.2016 – Gepfeffert UK Invasion! 700BHp 2015 Audi RS6 & 560BHP 2015 Mercedes C63 Kamikaze Collection Details

Two of Gepfeffert UK’s show cars were booked in for major details. Two stage machine polish, Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax, interior leather treatments, wheels sealed. These show cars are insane, pushing serious horsepower, digital coilover suspension and custom wheels. Super aggressive and looked stunning once detailed by Offset Detailing Essex.

Audi RS6 Video

Mercedes C63 Video




Hello, and welcome to the new 2016 Offset Detailing website and blog section.

Keep checking back for updates and the next vehicles coming in for all sorts of treatments.