A BMW E38 740i booked in for a two stage machine polish and Titan Coatings. The 7 series was sitting on a stunning set of genuine 21″ Alpina wheels as well as the Alpina body styling, this twenty year old BMW still has major presence on the road.

The machine polishing process was carried out to remove as many swirl marks, buffer marks and scratches as safely possible. Ceramic coating protection was next up, two layers of Titan Coatings Titan with another two layers of their Ultra Top Coat to give excellent gloss and durability against the elements on the paintwork and trim. The exterior glass was protected with Titan Coatings Hyperglass and Multi combo.

With the 21″ Alpina wheels, these were coated with Titan Coatings Multi too. The interior was vacuumed throughout with the engine bay cleaned and dressed.