A 2017 mineral white BMW M240i booked in for a two stage machine polish and ceramic coating protection. The paintwork had deep swirl marks and scratches all around the vehicle, masonary paint, some odd beige staining and water spot etchings. With the two stage machine polish, as many defects were removed as safely possible, not going crazy heavy with the cutting as there was not lots of clear to work with. A nice pearl and gloss was restored.

Full surface protection using accredited detailer only application of Titan Coatings UK was then carried out. Paintwork and exterior trim received Titan hydrocarbon coating first, then a wipe down of Ultra Top Coat, giving more slickness, gloss and hydrophobic on top of an already strong coating.

Wheel faces, calipers and exhaust tips coated with Titan G238 heat resistant coating. The glass was polished inside and out, then received Titan Hyperglass and Multi combo.

The interior was cleaned and vacuumed throughout with the engine bay cleaned and dressed with Carpro Perl.