Brand New Panamera New Car Detail

A phenomenal brand new Porsche Panamera 4S with special order GT Spirit silver metallic paintwork (a high cost optional extra) was in for a full Kamikaze Collection exterior protection detail with included wheel, caliper and leather protection packages included.

Single stage machine polish was carried out to enhance gloss and depth of the awesome GT Spirit silver metallic paintwork with certified detailer only Kamikaze Collection ISM Pro hydrocarbon coating applied to the paintwork and exterior trim giving a superb candy gloss finish and incredible durability.

Exterior glass was coated with Kamikaze Collection Intenso.

The wheels were removed and coated inside and out with Kamikaze Collection Stance rim coating as well as the monster calipers front and back, helping to resist brake dust and road grime making cleaning easier.

Inside, the incredible luxury interior leather was cleaned and coated with multiple coats of Dr Leather Dye Block helping against dye transfer from clothing and the usual dirt, grime. The interior is an extremely luxurious and comfortable place to be boasting four screens which act just like I-pads and very user friendly.

Top of the range bespoke protective coatings for a top of the range Porsche Panamera 4S!