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Our award-winning car detailing services in London include specialist treatments such as paint correction, new car detailing, protection details, interior detailing and leather care. Offset Detailing is one of only a handful of trained and certified Kamikaze Collection detailers worldwide, as well as being Auto Finesse approved and winner of Pyramid Car Care’s, the UK’s favourite detailer competition in 2018.

Want to find out more about our London car detailing services? We offer three detailing services:




The thorough wash and protection detail service works for both new and older vehicles, providing a deep clean and add protection using a wax or sealant. This service starts with a detailed wash and decontamination process of the vehicle to remove any deposits, which are usually picked up during transportation. The vehicle is then clayed to remove any contaminants, which gives the paint protection sealant of your choice a clean, fresh surface to bond to.

The wheels and glass will then be sealed, and the interior vacuumed and cleaned throughout. This service is designed to protect your existing paint condition and help ease future washing.




The single stage enhancement and paint correct service works for new and older vehicles. This detail is the perfect option for vehicles that may have marring, swirl marks and scratches on the car. The vehicle is first given a deep clean and clayed in preparation for removing the defects. The defects are then removed by carefully polishing them out, which gives the paintwork a beautiful finish; the paint colour will look substantially enhanced with added depth. The vehicle will then be given a sealant of your choice to protect and preserve the corrected and enhanced paint.

Although a time-consuming process, we recommend leaving the car 2-3 days depending on the size and its paint defects.




The multi stage enhancement and paint correction service works well on both new and older vehicles. The process starts off the same as options one and two by carrying out the first stage of paint correction. Our talented team of car detailers London will then work their way around the vehicle again with finer grades or polishes and pad combinations, refining and jeweling the paint to create a glossier finish to the paintwork.

This car detailing service is the most popular option for people to book when booking a car detailing London service with us.

Car Detailing London


Offset Detailing is conveniently positioned to make travelling from London easy, from central London to Offset Detailing takes less than 1 hour. Interested in making a booking for detailing services? Call our friendly detailing expert Daryl Benfield on 01245 377024 or email

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