A 2001 Mazda RX7 in for a heavy enhancement detail and Polishangel’s Cosmic V2 Glasscoat system for paintwork protection. A two stage machine polish was carried out to remove the majority of heavy scratches swirl marks and oxidised paintwork. Paint readings were low 50’s so full correction on this wasn’t really possible as some of the defects were very deep. Cosmic V2 system was applied on top to give great protection and gloss.

Exterior glass coated with Gtechniq Smart Glass, interior cleaned and vacuumed, engine bay cleaned and dressed.

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By Daryl Benfield

A new 2018 Mazda MX5 in for a new car detail. Single stage machine polish to rid minor defects and create a high gloss for the certified only ISM Pro coating to sit on. Exterior glass coated with Gtechniq Smart Glass, interior detail and engine bay detail. Wheels and tyres treated with Gyeon products.

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By Daryl Benfield

Here is an incredible build which is still on going. Originally painted by the world famous ‘Paintbox’ around three to four years ago (who are associated with some of the best aircooled vw’s and customs in the world), ‘The Striper’ known for his intricate pin striping work hand painted the flowers painted around the RX7 – even in areas you can’t see without getting on your hands and knees. The paint job is an indepth process itself. House of Kolor Oriental Blue Kandy over Rosetta Red Pearl over blue metallic base which was painted over a black sealer. The body is fitted and blended with an RE-Amemiya AD GT wide arch kit with AD-Facer N-1 bumper and carbon fibre bonnet, which also had around ten coats of clear with the bodys blue paintwork. Going into the engine bay (which is still to house the powerplant) a smoohed bay with intricate details further shows off the stunning paintjob. Everything you see is either House of Kolor Kandy, metalflake or pearl. The suspension components and brake setup is a total work of art. Underneath is just as exceptional as on top. With the pink, gold, carbon fibre and flower theme running throughout the entire vehicle. The interior is yet to be completed. A multi stage machine polishing process was carried out to remove hazing from moisture from an old car cover and minor to moderate swirl marks. Only one coating was in my eyes to grace the paint – Kamikaze Collection’s flagship certified only two stage Enrei Coat offering unrivalled durability, looks and further adds to the brightness of this RX7. The engine bay and supension components were protected with Kamikaze Collection Overcoat. Wheels, calipers and tyres were protected with Gyeon products inside and out. The result being an extremely intense gloss and glow from the detail with an absolute stellar piece of art on wheels being protected.

See the video below and on Youtube here



  • Volk Racing TE37 SL
  • 19 x 9.5 ET22 Front
  • 19 x 10.5 ET22 Rear
  • Volk Racing Logo in Blue by Prosign @thestriper
  • Lotus Flowers inside wheels by Prosign @thestriper
  • Ohlins DFV Coilovers
  • MF-R Roll Centre Adjusting Lower Front Arms
  • Nagisa Auto Pillow Ball Upper Front Arms
  • Super Now! Billet Rear Lower Arms
  • Stock Mazda Rear Upper Arms with Polyurethane Bushes
  • Kazama Auto Toe & Track Rod Pillow Ball Arms
  • Improved Racing Front and Rear Anti-Roll Bar Drop Links
  • Autoexe Front and Rear Strut Braces custom painted House of Kolor Pagan Gold
  • Billet Manual Steering Rack
  • Chase Bays Servo Delete
  • Custom Tucked Brake Lines
  • Minotaur Racing 380mm 8 Pot Front Brakes
  • Minotaur 360mm 6 Pot Rear Brakes
  • 5-Speed Mazda Gearbox with OS Giken Gear Set – 1st-5th Gear
  • Driveshaft Shop Aluminium Prop Shaft
  • Cusco Type RS LSD
  • Driveshaft Shop Rear Axle set with Porsche CV Joints
  • B&M Short Shifter
  • Super Now! Billet Gearbox Sump
  • Greddy Differential Cover
  • Painted House of Kolor Kandy Oriental Blue over Rosetta Red Pearl over Blue Metallic Base
  • Custom Lotus Flowers by Prosign
  • RE-Amemiya AD-GT Widebody
  • RE-Amemiya Sleek Head Lights
  • RE-Amemiya GTIII Wing
  • RE-Amemiya AD-GT 05 Front Bumper
  • RE-Amemiya Carbon Front Canards
  • RE-Amemiya Carbon Front Fender Diffusers
  • RE-Amemiya AD-GT 9 Bonnet
  • Sanai Works Rear Diffuser
  • Car Shop Glow Chasing Rear Lights inc. Centre Section
  • Engine bay smoothed
  • 13B Single Turbo
  • PAC Performance Billet 2-Piece Eccentric Shaft
  • PAC Performance Apex Seals
  • GATO Performance Semi-PP Intake w/Mustang 5.0 Throttle Body
  • Billet Front and Rear Stationary Gears from Chips Motorsport
  • Oversize Engine Stud Kit from Chips Motorsport
  • Precision Turbo PT6466
  • HKS 60mm Wastegate
  • Fueltech FT-600 ECU
  • MW CDI Ignition System with Crane Coils
  • 2 x ID725 & 4 x ID2000 Injectors
  • All new Housings, Plates and Rotors
  • Built by Kerim Fahri @ Powergains

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By Daryl Benfield

A new car detail, even though now a 17 this had just 76 miles on the clock and was already in dire need of a detail. A single stage machine polish to rid swirl marks, scratches and general marring in preparation for Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and Exo combination for the paintwork protection. Exterior glass was coated in Gtechniq Smart Glass, wheel faces coated in Finishkare Hi Temp wax, interior vacuumed and engine bay dressed in Aerospace 303. Now sporting a slick, glossy well protected finish.

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By Daryl Benfield
2001 MAZDA RX7

A 2001 series 8 imported Mazda RX7 with the thinnest paint I’ve ever seen in for a two stage machine polish and Kamikaze Collection Infinity wax.

Engine bay cleaned and dressed, interior vacuumed and cleaned.

The result shaving many years off of this future classic giving it a revitalised look and some superb glass and flake back to the paintwork.

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By Daryl Benfield

A brand new Mazda MX5 booked in for an enhancement detail (single stage machine polish) and Gtechniq Exo for paintwork protection.

Interior vacuumed throughout and Auto Finesse products used for dash, panels and interior glass.

Wheels sealed with Gtechniq C5 and tyres dressed with Fireball Ultimate Tyre Coating.

Trim and exterior glass sealed with Gyeon products.

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By Daryl Benfield

2015 Mazda 6 booked in for a wash and protection package. Capro Cquartz UK Edition was used on paintwork and wheels with interior cleaned.


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By Daryl Benfield