This Mustang gets more modified every time I see it! Coilovers, anti roll bars, strut brace, interior and exterior modifications, full exhaust and intake too. I originally detailed this car when it was new with Kamikaze Collection Miyabi and Zipang coatings.

The Mustang returns with some new additions – a new lower front splitter, side scoops, side window louvres and a rear spoiler. These were to be polished and then coated with Miyabi and Zipang, the Mustang also received a maintenance wash and topped up with Kamikaze Collection Overcoat 3.0 to enhance gloss and add further protection to the paintwork and trim.

The existing exterior glass coating was topped up with Angelwax H2GO rain repellent, interior and engine bay dressed. The wheels were also topped with Kamikaze Collection Overcoat 3.0.

Check out the Mustang with my other customers competition orange 5.0 example, now fitted with a Whipple supercharger. Lots of noise at the end of the video! You can also view the orange Mustang detail by clicking here.