The quickest hatch on the road today and equally stunning to look at. Mercedes taking their technology to new levels with 420 BHP as standard from a 2.0 turbo, with an 8 speed dual clutch paddle gearbox and 4Matic for excellent grip. This really is a stunning car with the excellent Mercedes technology inside and build quality.

Drive modes, exhaust and traction buttons built into the steering wheel are just awesome. The new 2020 A45S AMG in metallic black brought in by a returning customer for it’s new car detail. After a safe wash and decontamination process, the 420 BHP rocket was given a single stage machine polish to rid minor paint defects and create a mile deep shine for the ceramic coating to bond to.

Paint protection of choice was Kamikaze Collection Japan’s accredited only application of Zipang Gold Class coat. This coating boasts extreme amounts of candy like gloss with excellent hydrophobic properties and great durability. This also darkens the colour, giving it an intense finish, which works incredibly well on dark colours especially black.

Exterior glass was coated with Titan Coatings UK Hyperglass and Multi combo. The owner also opted for our wheel and protection package. Wheels are removed, then coated inside out, including hubs and the monster calipers. Titan Coatings UK new Pyro heat resistant coating was applied, with tolerances up to 1500C. Wheels are then mounted to factory torque specs.

The interior was then vacuumed and cleaned throughout, with the engine bay cleaned and dressed. This has to be one of my favourite cars I’ve detailed so far.