This new 2020 Mercedes Benz GLB in galaxy blue was booked in for one of our entry level options – the wash & protection package.

A thorough safe wash and decontamination process was carried out ridding the surfaces of iron fallout, bug splats, dust and dirt with a two bucket method using PH neutral products. The paintwork was then dried with deep pile towels and the Big Boi blower – 300 kph warm filtered air to remove water from shuts, badges grills and the like. The paintwork was then prepared with Polishangel Esclate to ensure the two layers of Polishangel Master Sealant bond correctly with the surface. Master Sealant offers up to 12 months of durability and an excellent wet look finish to this galaxy blue.

Onto the glass – this was polished inside and out with Titan Coatings UK Hyperglass and Multi combo to rid the use of wipers in poor weather and give the driver excellent vision when caught out in the rain.

The black exterior plastic and wheel faces were also protection with Titan Coatings UK Multi. The interior was cleaned and vacuumed throughout with the engine bay cleaned and dressed.