A brand new Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe finished in solid polar white in for an extensive new car detail totalling over 36 hours.

The safe wash and decontamination process was carried out first followed by a two stage machine polish to remove any defects, thus creating an extremely gloss base for the paint protection ceramic coatings to bond to.

A tried and tested method on my own polar white car, two layers of accredited detailer only Titan Coatings UK TITAN hydrocarbon coating were applied with a two hour curing period in between layers.

After the TItan coatings had cured, two layers of Polishangel Master Sealant was applied with 30 minute intervals in between layering. After these had cured, a wipe down of white colour charged Polishangel Carnauba Arts White Alabaster was finally applied on top. This combination creates a very intense gloss with ridiculous hydrophobic properties.

The exterior glass was protected with two layers of Titan Hyperglass, basically eliminating the need for windscreen wipers in poor weather conditions.
The engine bay was cleaned and dressed with Titan Multi Coat, with all shuts being protected with Titan Ultra Top Coat for less dirt build up.

Wheel and caliper protection package – wheels were removed and coated with two layers of Titan G238 heat resistant coating. Brake hubs, suspension parts and brake dust shields were also coated with G238.

Full interior protection package – leather cleaned and protected with two layers of Dr Leather Dye Block helping against dirt and dye transfer. Fabric protected with Carpro Fabric Guard.
A full exterior and interior protection package for a stunning Mercedes Benz.