New Car Detail – First of the 67 registration vehicles In For New Car Protection Details

The first of March and September are busy months for car dealerships across the UK as the new registration drops. September being the 67 plate. Dealerships are absolutely overloaded with new vehicles being prepped for their excited new owners – but this comes at a price. Knowing this for a fact from a Volkswagen dealership valeters are only allowed to spend up to and hour (maybe an hour and a half) applying a paint protection coating on your vehicle that costs you £400-£500+ but in reality costs as little as £20-£30, is not durable and is applied in such a way that damages your new paint finish but rushing through your car to meet the dealerships numbers.

Booking a new car protection detail and passing on dealership applied coatings is the right way of protecting your new investment, be it a daily driver, works vehicle or new weekend toy.

Vehicles booked in at Offset Detailing Essex are safely decontaminated, washed and clayed prior to being machine polished to enhance gloss and rid any minor to major defects that may have been inflicted during transportation or at the dealership. Believe me this can happen and the new car detail on this metallic black Porsche Macan S just goes to show that you should thoroughly check your car before driving it out of the showroom.

Two new car protection details in this month are the brand new shape Audi RS3 Sportback. This had a single stage machine polish and two Kamikaze Collection protective coatings for extreme gloss and durability against the elements layered on top of one another. Miyabi was used as a base coat with certified only ISM Pro on top for excellent at repelling water and dirt. The owner also opted for the wheels to be removed and coated inside and out as well as the brake calipers for easy cleaning with less road grime and brake dust sticking to the service. This helps wheels against corrosion against the elements. Exterior glass is also coated to aid the driver in wet conditions, less use of the wipers and rain water falling off of the glass is not only really cool, but is safer for the driver and occupants as we head into the winter months. Check out this new car protection detail in the video below.

The second new car detail this month was in poor condition, which the owner did not notice when at the dealership and upon leaving there, was brought straight into Offset Detailing. A large deep scratch on the rear bootlid, poor valeting techniques and preparation resulted in scratches along the doors, swirl marks on the wings and bonnet as well as holograms from poor machine polishing on the front end required a multi stage machine polish to rid the defects and bring back the finish that this brand new Macan S should have in the first place. Kamikaze Collection ISM Pro coating was used to give intense gloss and superb durability with easy maintenance. The entire process of this paint correction detail on a new car can be seen here.