Surprisingly, even if your car is brand new, you may find it’s fallen victim to light scratches, swirls and other imperfections. As an established new car detailer in Essex, Offset Detailing can be trusted to deliver an exceptional finish on any new vehicle, regardless of its make or model.

Even the most well-run dealerships will sometimes struggle to keep their cars in pristine condition. Your new car could have been damaged in transit, buffed or marked during storage; in fact, it could have picked up unwanted deposits from virtually anywhere during its journey from the manufacturer to your doorstep. it may have even been polished incorrectly by inexperienced valets – this is a problem we’re coming across more and more as dealerships are under pressure to keep costs down when preparing new cars. An increasing number of customers are getting in touch with our Essex-based car detailers because they’re striving for perfection, and they’re not finding it from those they originally trusted with the care of their vehicle.

A Full Suite of Detailing Services for New Vehicles

Our new car detailers in Essex will enhance your paintwork to create a stellar finish.

Start with a thorough wash and add protection detail by investing in our lowest-grade package. If you’re after something a little more comprehensive, choose our single stage enhancement service to protect your paint detail, polish out defects and add a noticeable depth to your bodywork. Or, for the best look, go for our multi stage enhancement and paint correction option, which includes full jeweling with the use of fine-grade polishes.

Our new car detailers will typically need to work on your car for a minimum of 1 – 2 days in order to achieve the best results. Speak to us today to check availability or discuss any of our services in more detail with one of our expert new car detailers in Essex.

Please note that prices for our new car detailing services may vary depending on the size of the vehicle we’re working with.