New Car Detailing

“It’s a new car – why do I need it detailed?”

Three reasons: paint protection, paint perfection and easy maintenance.

Ensuring the paint on your new car is protected from the elements from day one is something you shouldn’t overlook. Neither is a thorough inspection of the car when collecting your pride and joy from the dealership. Without taking the wind from your sails at this exciting time, unfortunately not all new cars are presented to their new owner in the condition they should be. This may be due to lack of time and dealership budget to prep a new car, or sometimes there can be visible polishing marks that haven’t been removed in the finishing stages of a car’s build. That’s where Offset Detailing can get rid of these defects by polishing them out, then add a wax, sealant or ceramic coating to the paint for protection, which in turn provides easy maintenance when you clean your car.

“What are the key advantages of new car detailing?”

Your new car, no matter the brand of vehicle, will look “better than brand new” and will have maximum protection from the elements after a new car detail. The detail is aimed to offer protection from the outset with peace of mind that future washing and maintenance will require minimal effort. Any defects will be removed and the paint will look substantially enhanced because brand new paint can always be machined to look better.

This is why those of you seeking absolute paint perfection will choose a new car detail.

“I’m seeking paint perfection and protection, I’d like a new car detail – what’s the first step?”

Call or email me – Daryl at Offset Detailing Essex to discuss the make and model of car, level of protection, suitable products, timescales and costs. All makes of vehicle are welcome. After the detail I can advise you on the correct aftercare instructions and quality products for washing.

Let’s get started