A brand new BMW X3 booked in to Offset Car Detailing Essex for it’s new car protection detail. A single stage paint correction was carried out carefully machine polishing the paintwork to a better than new condition with a ceramic coating to further protect the paint protection film and new car paintwork.

After the car polishing was carried out, the owner wanted paint protection film applied to the entire front end of the vehicle. Offset Car Detailing Essex uses a trusted and accredited paint protection installer (PPF for short) to install the Xpel film to the front bumper, gloss black bumper inserts, headlights, full bonnet ppf coverage, both front wings and side mirrors. Giving the paint protection film a couple of days to settle the new car was then protected with a ceramic coating. Using the accredited detailer only Titan Coatings UK Titan ceramic coating and Ultra top coat to cover the PPF, gloss trim and all of the paintwork, this will last the only up to three years.

The exterior glass coating was applied using Angelwax H2GO for easy vision in poor driving conditions. The wheel protection also by Titan, using their Multi coat for easy maintenance with less brake dust and dirt bonding to the surface. The interior was cleaned throughout and the engine bay valeted.

View the full car detailing video below.