New Car Protection Detail – 67 reg VW Golf R Lapiz Blue

Another new car for September, with a full new car detail package. The paintwork was machine polish to rid any minor paint defects and create a deep, glossy base for the two Kamikaze Collection ceramic coatings. The owner was originally booked for Gtechniq Crystal Serum and Exo coatings, but having seen the finish and protection of the Kamikaze Collection products he went for Miyabi as a base coating with certified detailer only ISM Pro on top. This gives an intense deep candy like gloss to the paintwork and gives superb protection against dirt, grease, road grime and rain making the weekly wash easy. The exterior glass is also coated resulting in reduced usage of the windscreen wipers – the rain drops literally bead and roll off of the glass making driving in poor conditions a breeze.

Wheel and Caliper protection package. This is a great idea for all vehicles of any year. Coating the wheels inside and out with the calipers makes cleaning them a lot easier. Less brake dust will stick and you won’t need harsh wheel cleaning products to get the job done. Coating your wheels also helps against pitting and age related issues. The Golf R’s wheels and calipers were coated with Gyeon Rim. A heat resistant coating that will repel dirt.

Also included in the Golf R’s new car detail was the leather protection package. Thoroughly recommended the factory leather can quickly lose it’s matte supple finish with day to day wear, making the leather shiny looking which is down to dirt and moisture from your skin. Carefully cleaning and coating the leather prevents dye transfer from clothing and the before mentioned day to day dirt and moisture build up. The finish is matte and keeps the natural leather smell to the interior.

You can watch the video of the Golf R’s full new car protection detail on the Youtube video below.