New Car Protection Detail – Why have your new vehicle detailed? Why Choose a Ceramic Coating?

A new car protection detail was recently carried out on this really cool looking Peugeot 208 GTI Prestige in the video below. But why opt for a new car detail or new car protection? New cars don’t come with any protection from the factory and dealership applied coatings left a lot to be desired as the vehicle ends up with swirl marks and scratches from poor valeting techniques and a rush turn around to get your new car detail out the door. A recent talk with a local Volkswagen dealership admitted the coatings they use in house cost only £22 a unit and the valeter will spend no more than an hour and a half preparing your vehicle. Not quite what you want to hear when investing a large amount of your money in a brand new vehicle. And that’s coming from the sales manager himself!

Offset Detailing Essex specialise in new car details from exotica through to hot hatches, presitge, daily driven vehicles and just about everything in between. New car protection details consist of a full wash and decontamination to rid dirt and bonded contaminants that are picked up when they leave the factory and transported over to the dealers. The vehicle is then clay barred for a smooth surface. Note this is always the case on any detail. Machine polishing the paintwork to ensure a deep glossy finish for the coating to sit on ridding the surface of swirl marks, wash marring and scratches is also highly recommended instead of just a protective coating being applied straight to the surface as the paint post polishing is the best it can possibly look before a ceramic coating is applied.

New car protection details with decent coatings make car care maintenance easy as less dirt sticks to the vehicle and the hydrophobic properties making the weekly wash a breeze. The hard durable coatings also help against inflicting swirl marks and defects into the paintwork as the coating itself takes the abuse and not the paintwork itself. Exterior glass is also coated giving the driver superior vision as rain droplets roll off of the windscreen and less wiper motion needed ensures safer driving in poor road conditions.

What Coating Is Best?

There are many brands of coatings on the market today, which can be confusing and also disappointing as some work better than others. My personal favourite brand is handmade in Japan by Kamikaze Collection. The majority of Kamikaze Collection coatings are certified only and I have been trained personally by CEO Kai Morita himself in proper application and technique. They offer exceptional gloss, incredible durability and unlike the other major brands on the market do not water spot, which is vital when your coating is in the early stages of it’s lifespan after application. Brands used daily at Offset Detailing as well as Kamikaze Collection International are Gyeon, Carpro, Gtechniq to ensure your investment stays looking just detailed not for months, but for years to come.

Alloy Wheel Protection

This is also worth considering. Wheels alone collect the majority of dirt while you are driving. Removing the wheels and coating them inside and out as well as the brake calipers with a high temprature resistant coating makes the weekly wash far easier as less dirt, brake dust and oils adhere to the surface and helps fight against corrosion without the need for strong wheel cleaners that can dull and damage your wheels finish.

Vehicle Interior Leather & Fabric Protection

Another worthwhile option to add to your new car detail. With a non greasy, natural matt finish and leather fragrance that helps against dye transfer from clothing, spillages, dirt and sweat from everyday use this is a very important part of your detail not to be overlooked. Your interior will stay fresher and keep it looking it’s best as apposed to an untreated car interior

Check out this new Peugeot 208 GTI Prestige new car detail that was recently completed.