New Car Protection Detail

A new car protection detail is aimed to offer the best possible protection for your new vehicle from the outset, with peace of mind that future washing and maintenance will require minimal effort. Brand new paint can always be machined to look better and customers collect their car from Offset Detailing looking ‘better than brand new’.

Ceramic coatings are highly recommended for maintaining the finish and for easy after care. There are many brands on the market all offering extreme durability and gloss. Having used many of the products available on our own cars, some are indeed better than others. You’ll also find that the majority of dealerships offer a long life paint sealant as part of the purchase process, but the quality and durability of the product can be questionable.

The brands we use on clients vehicles include a Japanese product called Kamikaze Collection – an extremely high end quality collection of coatings, plus Gyeon, Carpro and Gtechniq to cater for all budgets and results.

A personal favourite of protective coatings is the Kamikaze Collection which is also the chosen brand for Offset Detailing’s personal cars. This brand results in minimal to no water spotting like other well known brands, extreme candy like gloss, exceptional durability and hydrophobic behaviour to water, dirt, road grime etc. Offset Detailing had the honour of being trained by Kai Morita CEO of Kamikaze Collection who flew to the UK to demonstrate the correct application and methods of his products. Kai awarded Offset Detailing his worldwide merit as one of the UK certified detailers of the Kamikaze Collection.

The new car protection detail starts with a thorough wash and decontamination process of your vehicle. Even if a vehicle is brand new, deposits can be picked up during transportation, these are carefully removed during the wash process. The car is then clayed to remove even more contaminants which gives the paint protection sealant of your choice a completely clean surface to bond to. As mentioned previously – ceramic coatings are highly recommended for maintaining the finish and for easy after care. Any defects are then removed by gradually polishing them out which creates an incredible finish to the paintwork – the flake or pearl will ‘pop’ a lot more and the paint colour will look substantially enhanced with added depth. New car paint really can look better.

The glass is also sealed and interior cleaned and vacuumed. You can include optional extras such as leather or fabric protection and wheel and caliper protective sealant application which includes the removal of wheels that are then coated inside and out. You can find more information on these options under the price lists.

If a new car detail is what your car needs, call or email me – Daryl at Offset Detailing Essex to discuss the make and model, level of protection, suitable products, timescales and costs. All makes of vehicle are welcome. After the detail I can advise you on the correct aftercare instructions and quality products for washing.

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