At Offset Car Detailing Essex winter protection and maintenance options are a common practice. Previous and new customers book in their cars for a detailing package to help their paintwork protection through the winter months.

This includes a full safe wash and decontamination. Acid free traffic film removers and carbon deposit removers break down the winter grime and are carefully pressure washed off. A PH neutral snow foam then follows further loosening grime, ready for a two bucket wash with PH neutral shampoo. The wheels are also dealt with the same way with soft wheel brushes followed by hand washing. After the wash process the vehicles are blow dried with the Bigboi blower – a 300 kph warm filtered air blower reaching into the tight areas to rid water. Deep pile drying towels are also used to ensure a streak free surface.

With the Nissan R35 GTR detail carried out by ourselves with Kamikaze Collection certified detailer only Zipang Gold Class Coat 10 months ago, the paintwork protection from this particular ceramic coating was a breeze to wash as the dirt and water fell off of the surface easily. After a safe wash and decontamation the GTR was blow dried with the Bigboi air blower. The ceramic coating applied here in Essex was topped up with Kamikaze Collection Overcoat 3.0. This is probably the best ceramic coating top up spray on the market. This adds more gloss and most importantly more protection against the elements for further track days.

The exterior glass was also protected with a coating helping the driver in poor road/track conditions with less wiper blade movement needed, in some cases you do not need the wipers at all!

Wheel faces were also protected with the interior and engine bay valeted.