Offset Detailing Is Now a Certified Kamikaze Collection Detailer • Exclusive Enrei Coat & ISM Pro Coatings Now Available Only at Offset!

Offset Detailing was down at Ultimate Finish Brands Hatch to attend the first ever UK Kamikaze Collection training event and meet Kai Morita, the man behind Kamikaze Collection for in depth training on the intricate ways of detailing, Japanese style “The Kamikaze Way”! We also learnt the skilled art of applying their flagship two stage coating, Enrei Coat.

Certification gives Offset Detailing Essex exclusive access to the pro-only ENREI. A Japanese combination of two words, EN (gloss) and Rei (glamorous) is a unique two-stage sealant that is the culmination of many years of development, the last two years of which have been overseen by Todd Cooperider at Esoteric Detail in the USA. ENREI delivers outstanding gloss levels whilst providing lasting protection, not only from the elements but also from water spotting.Despite tests carried out in Japan demonstrating industry-leading longevity, Kamikaze Collection has specifically resisted advertising this is any marketing material, believing that once customers have experienced ENREI, they’ll be able to judge for themselves the outstanding performance of the system.ENREI COAT will only be available as a professional service. Only a handful of professionals worldwide are qualified and authorised to apply it and Kamikaze Collection plans to keep the number limited in order to guarantee quality for it’s detailers clients.Check out the stunning Lamborghini Superleggera LP570-4 I detailed with the incredible Enrei Coat and also Suntek PPF film.