Paint Enhancement & Paint Correction Details

These details are ideal especially if you have marring, swirl marks and scratches on your car – perfect for fairly new & older vehicles that need some care and attention to revitalise the finish of the paint.

Single Stage Enhancement Detail:

Firstly, like all details your vehicle is deep cleaned and clayed in preparation for removing defects. The defects are then removed by carefully machine polishing them out which creates an incredible finish to the paintwork – the flake or pearl will pop a lot more and the paint colour will look substantially enhanced with added depth. Solid colours gain extreme gloss.

Your car is then ready for the protective coating of your choice to protect and preserve your enhanced paint. A choice of products are available to achieve this that can be viewed on the price list and discussed with me – Daryl at Offset Detailing.

Multi Stage Correction Detail:

Carrying out the above process of the single stage detail, I then work my way around the entire vehicle again with finer grades of polishes and pad combinations that refine and jewel the paint to create even more gloss, depth and a truly awesome finish to the paintwork. Even though many of the defects are removed as safely possible in the first stage, the paintwork looks great but jeweling the paintwork afterwards gives the ultimate look and is the most popular option people go for when booking a car detail be it a new or older vehicle.

The multi stage detail is time consuming but achieves very rewarding results, please expect to leave your car 2-3 days depending on size of car and its paint defects.

With both of these details, the glass is also sealed and interior cleaned and vacuumed. You can include optional extras such as leather or fabric protection and wheel and caliper protective sealant application which includes the removal of wheels that are then coated inside and out. You can find more information on these options under the price lists.

If one of these details is what you require, get in touch with me – Daryl at Offset Detailing Essex to discuss the make and model of car, level of defects, suitable products, timescales and costs. All makes of vehicle are welcome. After the detail I can advise you on the correct aftercare instructions and quality products for washing.

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