1991 FERRARI 348 TB

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A beautiful 1991 Ferrari 348TB in for a much needed detail. The paintwork was SO thin on this some heavier defects remained. Some sections were literally untouchable. Scary stuff haha.

On the roof someone carelessly machine polished this before and burnt through which was a damn shame, and goes to show that extreme care is always needed when detailing, especially on classics such as this prancing horse.

A two stage machine polish was carried out to safely remove as many defects as possible and create a nice glossy base for a really cool Kamikaze Collection coating combo!

Miyabi was used as a base coat with certified detailer only ISM Pro then applied on top after a curing period. This creates even more candy gloss, the stunning ‘wet look’ finish everyone craves when detailing trying to get that shine when coupled with machine polishing. The durability of this will easily see 24/36 months with the correct aftercare which easy. Doubling up the coatings really amps up the gloss, trust me on their own they are super glossy, so this was a really great car to apply this combination to.

Exterior glass was coated in Kamikaze Collection Intenso, wheel faces recieved Finishkare High Temp wax and the interior was vacuumed, cleaned throughout with floor mats wet vacced.

Ready for it’s road trip looking absolutely stunning and fully protected.

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