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I grew up around these cars, all day everyday when I was younger. My father building championship winning Cosworths and big bhp road going versions that were built and shipped off around the world for customers back in the 80’s and 90’s. One of my earliest memories of one of his Cosworth’s was his 500bhp white RS500 3 door, popping flames when he’d pick me up from Primary School, kids would cover their ears. Having owned probably hundreds of each model it was an awesome moment rolling this in for it’s detail, like a time machine for me on wheels.

A Ford icon, the 1995 Escort Cosworth in imperial blue was booked in for a single stage enhancement detail to rid minor to moderate paint defects and a coat of Kamikaze Collection Infinity wax for protection.

Being a 1995 vehicle, extreme care was taken while machine polishing, some deeper marks remain but the objective was to improve the paint surface and give it some deep gloss, achieved!

Original 18″ OZ Racing wheels were coated with Finishkare hi temp wax, glass cleaned, with the interior vacuumed.

Check the video out the insane wet look finish!

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