2016 AUDI RS6

Key Facts

Make: AUDI

Model: RS6 AVANT

Age: 2016

Paint colour: BLACK

Completed in: 3 DAYS


Detailing Services


A brutal 2016 black Audi RS6 was booked in for a fully bespoke Kamikaze Collection detail using detailer only Banzai Cut and Ichiban finishing polish with a two stage correction detail.

Coatings were a high priority, so the owner and I opted for three out of four coatings Kai Morita offers. The first after machine polishing was Miyabi Glass Coat, the second ISM Hydrocarbon Coat and the third the awesome Kamikaze Infinity wax. Putting all three together not only gives insane durability and protection for the paintwork and trim, but also adds to the machining process creating EXTREME gloss and depth to the finish. This is what differs and I favour over any other coatings out there, as soon as it’s time to buff off after application you can physically see the difference and the next day when cured the look when you see this in person is phenomenal. Putting all three of the coatings above together creates an astonishing finish which really has to be seen in person.

Valet Pro products also get a mention, full wash down and decontamination process prior to polishing with their Citrus Pre Wash, Shampoo’s and Dragon’s Breath wheel cleaner really are the business. The interior was in need of a good clean up, so again Valet Pro came in handy with their Leather Soap – I cannot recommend this enough, shifted the grime off of the RS6’s silver leather with pure ease of application and a lovely finish. Gyeon Leather Guard was applied on top for superb protection against dirt/dye transfer.

Wheel faces and calipers received coatings from Gyeon as did the exterior glass. Tyres dressed with Valet Pro classic wheel dressing, check that out, a really nice non sling semi sheen finish.

Interior glass was cleaned with Valet Pro’s glass cleaner and vacuumed throughout. Engine bay was cleaned and dressed with Aerospace 303.


In conclusion, an absolute beast of a car and beast from the far east protection!

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