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Certified Kamikaze Collection Detailer & Auto Finesse Approved.

I first detailed this 5.2 V10 black Audi S6 over a year and a half ago. It was originally booked in for a single stage machine polish to rid some MINOR defects and have a Gyeon MOHS ceramic coating applied.

Upon arrival, to say my jaw was on the floor would be an understatement, more like cracked through the concrete. Apparently this is a paintshop’s example of finishing having the bonnet painted to rid stone chips.

After a quadruple Vodka and sitting in a darkened room for a while a multi stage paint correction detail was carried out to remove as many defects as possible and get it looking decent again.

Gyeon MOHS was then applied, with the interior vacuumed throughout and the engine bay dressed with Aerospace 303. I cannot believe that this turned up in the condition it has considering how nice it looked the first time I detailed it.

Anyway, back to looking how it should!

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