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This Audi TT was in SERIOUS need of some TLC after the one previous owner and Audi dealership’s lack of care ended up with this mess. Extreme swirling, scratches everywhere and just about every other detailers nightmare thrown in for good measure on Audi’s notorious brilliant black (solid). In total this amounted to 39 hours of work from start to finish. A three stage correction using Rotary machines and Rupes Bigfoot’s to rid as many defects as possible (some are in for good), and Gyeon MOHS+Q2 with Gyeon Durabead coatings for extreme protection against the elements.

Wheels were removed and sealed with Gyeon MOHS+Q2 as was exterior trim and exhaust pipes. Tyres dressed with Gyeon tyre coat. Hidden painted areas and shuts were also coated with MOHS+Q2.

Exterior glass was coated with Gyeon Repel.

Interior – leather, alcantara and fabric all coated with Gyeon specialist products. Vacuumed throughout. Interior glass cleaned with Valet Pro’s glass cleaner.

In conclusion, a much more presentable, extremely glossy and deep looking Black Edition TT with superb durability.

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