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This gorgeous F80 BMW M3 in long beach blue was in for a detail. All products used supplied by Pyramid Car Care, go check them out some really nice products!

A single stage machine polish was carried out to remove minor swirl marks ready for Pyramid’s brand new ceramic coating applied to the paintwork, carbon fibre roof and exterior trim. This is an extremely easy to use, on/off ceramic coating giving decent scratch resistance, resitant against corrosive chemicals, a highly hydrophobic behaviour and some sweet candy like gloss.

On the long beach blue it sure did pop!

Exterior glass coated with Pyramid Glass Armour, wheels and calipers coated with Pyramid Alloy Armour.

Engine bay dressed with Aerospace 303 and carbon fibre strut brace was spritzed with Pyramid’s new ceramic spray.

Interior was cleaned and vacuumed throughout, with the owner opting for the leather protection package.

Leather was cleaned and coated with Pyramid leather car products.

Exhaust tips polished and coated with Pyramid Alloy Armour.

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