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I have looked after this 2015 BMW M4 convertible in sakir orange since the owner first took collection the same time last year.

It was back for a bit of a refreshment. A single stage machine polish to rid minor defects, enhance gloss and then two Kamikaze Collection coatings applied to paintwork, carbon fibre and gloss black sections.

The first being Miyabi coat with hardness, durability and extreme candy gloss effect this was a great base coat for the new certified only ISM Pro hydrocarbon coating to sit on.

What makes this different to the normal ISM is the German sourced elements combined with the Kamikaze ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbon ingredients to produce a coating with extreme water repelling properties. The ingredients are optically clear, so the result is a stunning, superior shine surpassed only by ENREI Coat which was applied to the Lamborghini Superleggera in a previous thread.

The result being an incredible intense gloss and glow from the paintwork working well with the polished paint underneath.

Wheels were then removed, coated inside and out as well as calipers with Gyeon Rim, tyres dressed with Gyeon and exterior glass coated with Gyeon View.

Interior mats given the chequered flag effect, vacuumed throughout with carbon fibre interior parts glossed up with my own QD.

Engine bay cleaned and dressed with Aerospace 303.

A great end to a very busy 2016! Merry Christmas all!

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