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This BMW X6 was in absolutely terrible condition. Repainted panels here and there, silicone pin dents from said repainted panels, overspray and to top it all off one of those ‘great’ bodyshop body mops which left excessive swirl marks, major holograms, pigtail swirls on just about every panel edge and overspray on various panels.

A three stage machine polishing process was carried out to remove as many defects as possible, some really deep marks remained but upon measuring the paint prior to correction some panels weren’t even up to par.

Gyeon MOHS and Durabead were used for paintwork protection, followed by a coat of Dodo Supernatural on top. Wheels, tyres and exterior glass received coatings also by Gyeon. The interior leather was cleaned and protected with Gyeon Leather Guard. Wet vacced carpets, all dog hairs removed via about 9 hours of vacuuming.

From shed to shine!!

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