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Another 67 reg (although on private plate) new car detail being a lovely metallic black BMW M140i which was in for a paint protection detail. Single stage machine polish removing minor defects and creating a great glossy base for the Kamikaze Collection ISM Pro coating to sit on giving candy like gloss and extreme durability against the elements. The metallic black really showing off the polishing process and this awesome coating.

Exterior glass received a protective layer of Gtechniq Smart Glass to aid the driver in poor road conditions. Wheel faces and calipers received Gyeon coatings as did the tyre walls with Gyeon tyre coat.

Interior piano black marks easily, so a coat of Gyeon MOHS helps against marks/scuffs. Vacuumed throughout with floor mats wet vacced. Engine bay was dressed in Aerospace 303. All ready to for it’s new life on the road and prepared for the winter months ahead.

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