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The second long beach blue BMW M2 in a row, also brand new in for a massive detail.

Entire vehicle machine polished with isolated correction work, followed by Kamikaze Collection Miyabi Coat to non PPF’d areas.

Suntek PPF film fitted to the entire front end – full bonnet, front wings, mirrors, front section of the side skirts and full front bumper. Self healing film against chips, swirls and scratches. Simply let the heat of the sun do the work or pour warm water over the effected area, bosh.. done. Saw this with my own eyes, incredible and will be fitted to my next car for sure!

Suntek and Xpel PPF are now available as part of a detailing package while at Offset Detailing. The vehicle stays in house the entire time, no trips down the road to the fitters and back again to finish the detail risking chips, surface dirt, contaminates which in my opinion totally defeats the object.

Second coating, Kamikaze Collection ISM coat applied to entire vehicle.

Exterior glass, trim and exhausts coated with Gyeon products.

Wheels removed, coated inside and out with Gyeon Rim as well as calipers.

Refitted to factory torque specs with all badges, locking wheel bolt and valve facing 12 o’clock. Tyres dressed with Gyeon tyre coat.

Interior mats wet vacced with ‘chequered flag effect’ as per DW Mod’s Soulboy’s M2, vacuumed throughout and Gyeon leather guard applied to all leather sections.

Engine bay cleaned and dressed with Aerospace 303.

Wrapped prior to customer collection. The gloss on this is just ridiculous and with exceptional protection for the upcoming winter months ahead.

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