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The first of two brand new Long Beach Blue BMW M2’s booked in back to back for new car details. This one in particular received Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax with the wheels removed and coated with Gyeon Rim inside and out as well as the brake calipers.

Wheels refitted with centre caps, M badge, valves and locking wheel bolts all in alignment and torqued to factory specs. Tyres coated with Gyeon.

Interior mats wet vacced with ‘chequered flag’ effect to go with the ‘detonator’ exhaust remote, TRACK MODE is actually is deafening and sounds absolutely stunning!!! Inner glass cleaned with Valet Pro.

Engine bay cleaned and dressed with Aerospace 303. Carbon fibre exterior parts and carbon exhaust tips also coated with Infinity Wax.

M Performance back box, exterior glass coated with Gyeon products.

These cars have such a massive booty in person and was a pleasure to work on. Fully wrapped prior to customer collection.

Roll on the next Long Beach Blue M2!

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