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A returning customers brand new addition to the fleet, a black BMW M4 Coupe Competition Pack in for a full new car detail.

A single stage machine polish was carried out to remove dealership inflicted defects such as swirl marks and light scratches. After polishing, Kamikaze Collection Miyabi was used as a base coat with their certified detailer only Zipang semi self healing used as a top coat. Combining the two creates an intense, rich look to the paintwork with superb durability against the elements. If you look through the pictures you can see the richness that Zipang gives when laid over the top of Miyabi. It really intensifies the colour.

Wheel and caliper protection package – wheels removed, coated inside and out with calipers using Kamikaze Collection Stance. Refitted to factory torque specs with badges and locking wheel bolt in line with the tyre valves.

Exterior glass coated with Gtechniq Smart Glass.

Interior leather protection package – leather cleaned and coated with multiple coats of Dr Leather dye block protecting the light interior from dye transfer and stains.

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