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A brand new Fiat 500 Abarth 595 in bright yellow was delivered with the original factory protective wrapped still attached, which in my opinion is the best possible way a new car that’s booked for it’s detail can arrive in. Not washed or prepped by lazy dealership valeters.

All wrapping was carefully removed from the exterior and then given the usual through decontamination, wash down with two bucket method and a soft clay. Once inside, as with all my details the car was thoroughly blow dried so all water traps were free from drips when the machine polishing process is carried out.

After minor defects were removed, Gyon MOHS was applied to the paintwork, exterior trim and glass – MOHS is super effect at sheeting off rain water and road dirt (tip for you there)! Gyeon products were also used for the wheels, tyres and exhaust pipes including the rear valance.

Interior was vacuumed and Valet Pro glass cleaner to tidy up the interior glass. Massive durable protection on an awesome little car all ready for it’s new life on the road!

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