Key Facts


Model: TYPE R

Age: 2016

Paint colour: BLACK

Completed in: 3 DAYS


Detailing Services


Here’s an awesome brand new Honda Civic Type R which was booked in for a full Kamikaze Collection new car detail.

Kamikaze Diamond Cut, Ichiban finishing polish and artificial clear coat was applied to rid defects, create insane gloss levels and a great base for the hydrocarbon anti scratch, highly hydrophobic ISM coating to sit on. Further more, a layer of Kamikaze Collection Infinity wax was applied the following day for even more gloss and protection. ISM was also applied to exterior trim and Gyeon products for exterior glass.

Interior – carpets wetvacced, vacuumed throughout, Auto Finesse and Chemical Guys products used for the dash and panels. Gyeon products for door shuts.

Engine bay cleaned and dressed with Aerospace 303.

All wheels removed and sealed inside and out with detailer only available Fireball Korea Talon Coating. Calipers were also sealed with Talon. Tyres were then dressed inside and out with Fireball Korea Ultimate Tyre Coating and refitted to factory torque specifications, with the locking nut, badge aligned with the tyre valves and all wheels mounted at 12 o’clock.

Be sure to watch the HD video for the defects – for a new car there were quite a few, this had Supaguard applied by the dealership. Thanks for looking.



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