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A brand new untouched by the dealership Mercedes C43 AMG coupe in for the ultimate detail.Two stage machine polish to give ultimate gloss and wet look, with Suntek paint protection film protecting the bonnet, front bumper and valance, front wings, carbon fibre mirrorrs, full side skirts and lower rear bumper.The ultimate Kamikaze Collection Enrei two stage coating was ten applied to all exterior surfaces, paintwork, ppf, carbon fibre, calipers, wheels inside and out. This is a certified only coating and in my opinion untouchable. The gloss and water behavior is insane.All leather interior surfaces were protected with multiple coats of Dr Leather Dye Block, fabric treated with Gtechniq Smart Fabric and the carbon fibre centre console protected with Kamikaze Collection Miyabi Coat.Exterior glass was protected with multiple coats of Kamikaze Collection Intenso. Interior shuts were also coated with Enrei. Engine bay dressed with Aerospace 303.