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A gorgeous brand new Mercedes C43 AMG Coupe was booked in a fair while back for a new car detail with Mercedes Chelmsford. The dealership delivered the car off to me as soon as it was PDI’d on the same day it arrived at their premises for me to carry out a detail consisting of a one stage machine polish and opting for the Kamikaze Collection ISM Coat for paintwork and exterior trim. The result being an extremely, EXTREMELY glossy, show car finish and excellent durability. Wheels, calipers and exterior glass as well as exhaust tips were coated with Gyeon products. Interior was vacuumed throughout with the new mats fitted and then transported back to the dealership’s showroom ready for the customer collection. The owner of this vehicle has an interesting history, owner of Tooncars back in the day and also designed and built the Caterham Seven 620R car in Lego in his own time and then submitted it to Lego themselves which then went on sale this year! I received a signed version of the Lego Caterham which I’ll proudly have up in the unit, how cool!

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