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A gorgeous brand new Golf R booked in for a new car detail.

A pretty poor attempt from the dealership prepping this. Swirl marks everywhere, quite obviously tight swirling from previous machine polishing work and just lacking in depth.

Various stages of machine polishing were carried out prior to two Kamikaze Collection coatings – Miyabi Coat followed by ISM Coat for that candy shop gloss and extreme durability against the elements.

Wheels removed and coated inside and out with Gyeon Rim, tyres dressed with Gyeon also. Centre caps realigned with valves and refitted.

Exterior glass treated with Gyeon View. Engine bay cleaned and dressed with Aerospace 303. Interior vacuumed throughout, floor mats wet vacced with chequered flag effect, Gyeon Fabric Coat for alcantara and fabric sections. Valetpro and Chemical Guys products for inner glass, dash and panels.

Exhausts polished and coated with Gyeon products.

The result an insanely gloss and intense colour from the paint correction and doubled up Kamikaze coatings, how a new car should start it’s life on the road – cracking necks where ever it goes!

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