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Having detailed this when it was brand new then detail/maintained elsewhere since, this incredible 2016 AUDI R8 V10 Plus with every extra was back for some love.

The R8 now boasts Gepfeffert UK cup kit supension allowing a hefty slam but retaining the factory electonic dampening controls, a custom made set of 20″ ADV.1 three piece wheels wrapped in Pirelli’s and an Akrapovic exhaust which is ear splittingly loud. and completely awesome.

A two stage machine polish was carried out to cut back as many defects as safely possible and create a great glossy base for the Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax to sit on. Their Overcoat sacrificial layer coating was also applied on top for further protection with the PPF’d sections of the car receiving two hits of Overcoat.

The 20″ custom ADV.1 wheel faces and carbon ceramic brake calipers were coated in Kamikaze Collection Stance (perfect name to match the car) Rim coat with tyres dressed in Gyeon.

The exterior glass was coated with Kamikaze Collection Intenso. Engine bay was cleaned with Kamikaze Collection Silica Scale Remover to safely remove water spots and unslightly residue, with Aerospace 303 taking care of other sections.

Interior was vacuumed throughout, luggage bay vacuumed and neatly organised, interior mats were wet vacced and cleaned throughout.

The Gepfeffert Audi R8 V10 Plus now has an insanely glossy and well protected finish and is absolutely jaw dropping in person.

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