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Here’s a rather special/insane/completely mental Audi RS6 that was booked at Offset Detailing for a full on detail.Spec:•2015 Audi RS6 tuned to 700bhp by MTM Tuning.•*Custom digital coilover suspension by Gepeffert KW, this car is owned by the main man at Gepfeffert UK. Height adjustable by a button inside the car and via keyfob.•*Custom made 21″ ADV.1 wheels with satin black faces and candy red barrels.•*Carbon fibre exterior package, with full carbon fibre roof and rear spoiler.•*Carbon inlay interior with full carbon fibre RS6 steering wheel.• Insane noise, insane stance (just how I like ‘em)Two stage machine polishing process with Kamikaze Collection Infinity wax as paintwork protection.Glass protected with Gyeon.Wheels cleaned inside and out, Sonax NPT to seal.Interior wet vacced througout, Auto Finesse and Chemical Guys products for interior and leather.Tyres sealed with Fireball Ultimate Tyre Coating.Carbon fibre sealed with Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax.The video is a must see, as it highlights the true awesomeness of this car and the work involved!!!