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This 2013 metallic black Jaguar XFS was in for some much needed TLC. Covered in heavy swirl marks and scratches the Jag was hit with a two stage machine polishing process and protection with Carpro Cquartz UK 3.0 ceramic coating.

After a few hours I applied a new brand I was sent to try out, German company Herrenfahrt. As well as their polishes and leather cleaner/protectants was their spray sealant. The bottle works like a deodrant can with a mist spray rather than the normal ones, this stuff is absolutely superb, zero smears super beading (testing on my own cars) and flashes off very quick and buffs super easy. Oh and it really gives that bit of extra gloss I think. More companies should use these mist triggers for their QD’s.

Exterior glass coated in Gtechniq Smart Glass, interior cleaned and vacuumed, engine bay dressed with Aerospace 303. A new lease of life for the black Jag!

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