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A jaw dropping, neck cracking Lamborghini Superleggera was booked in a fair while back for a truly exclusive detail

Enrei Coat.

A Japanese combination of two words, EN (gloss) and Rei (glamorous) is a unique two-stage sealant that is the culmination of many years of development, the last two years of which have been overseen by Todd Cooperider at Esoteric in the US. ENREI delivers outstanding gloss levels whilst providing lasting protection, not only from the elements but also from water spotting.

Despite tests carried out in Japan demonstrating industry-leading longevity, Kamikaze Collection has specifically resisted advertising this is any marketing material, believing that once customers have experienced ENREI, they’ll be able to judge for themselves the outstanding performance of the system.

ENREI COAT will only be available as a service. So far, only a handful of professionals worldwide are qualified and authorised to apply it and Kamikaze Collection plans to keep the number limited in order to guarantee quality.
Original tired paint protection film was removed prior to the Superleggera received a single stage machine polish to rid minor defects and bring out super gloss and flake.

New Suntek PPF was carefully installed to the entire front end, bonnet, bumper, mirrors and mirror stems, front valance and rear quarter panels.

Enrei coat (two coating system) was applied within specific time frames and methods. The pictures and video literally cannot get across the intense gloss from this coating. It is actually incredible. Water beading and sheeting was insane only after a few hours curing. After the full curing period this Superleggera will be unrivalled. Enrei was also applied to the carbon fibre exterior parts – there was carbon dripping everywhere!

Wheels and monster calipers housing carbon ceramic brakes were coated with Gyeon Rim inside and out with the tyres and exterior glass also receiving Gyeon products.

Engine bay was carefully hand cleaned with carbon, rubbers and plastics dressed accordingly.

The interior is sublime. Full carbon fibre door cards, alcantara everywhere meant serious business. Floor mats wet vacced, vacuumed throughout and carbon fibre parts receiving Offset Detailing’s very own gloss enhancing quick detailer.

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