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Having detailed the owners V8 F Type a while back he returned with his recently acquired 2016 Mercedes AMG GT which was booked in for a two stage machine polish and Kamikaze Collection Infinity wax. What a stunning car! The GT is in my top three dream garage. Not many heavy defects were evident apart from a few scratches down the left hand side and some swirling on the vehicle.

Defects were removed and Infinity wax applied to the now mile deep paintwork. Carnauba content: 53.7, glass coating content: 39.2% this makes it an extremely glossy and durable hybrid wax.

Exterior glass received a coating of Kamikaze Intenso. Engine bay cleaned and dressed with Aerospace 303.  Wheel faces coated with Kamikaze Stance wheel coat. Interior leather cleaned, vacuumed throughout.

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