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A 2003 Mercedes SL 500 booked in for an extensive paint correction detail removing heavy swirl marks and scratches, there were a serious amount of defects on this vehicle including lots and lots of stone chips. Paintwork protection was from Kamikaze Collection, the flagship two stage coating Enrei. However, I decided to experiment a bit this time and add two layers of the first coat (usually one is enough), then after the correct curing period two layers of the top coat. The result was a seriously intense gloss and the durability pushed up from it’s 36+ months to I have no idea, but it will be in the 48 month realm I think.

Exterior glass coated with Angelwax H2GO rain repellent. Interior leather was deep cleaned with carpets and mats wet vacced. Engine bay was also cleaned and dressed. Two of the wheels were refurbished due to curbing and protected with Finishkare Hi Temp wax. For a 16 year old Mercedes with over 80k on the clock and a life of local car washes/poor wash technique the finish on the SL 500 now looks nearly brand new.

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