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A stunning huge spec Volkswagen Golf R in lapis blue was booked in for a new car detail with added leather care protection package, also opting for the wheel and caliper protection package too.

Having just 22 miles on the clock, the vehicle was not prepped by Volkswagen, but still showed some minor scratches and swirl marks here and there which were removed with a single stage machine polish creating a very nice gloss to lay the Kamikaze Collection coatings down on which the owner went for instead of the original Gtechniq option.

Miyabi Coat acted as a base layer giving a good hardness with excellent gloss and hydrophobic properties. Certified only ISM Pro was then added on top. Now, ISM Pro on it’s own is extremely hydrophobic but when paired with Miyabi as an undercoat the gloss levels go through the roof and adds even more durability against the elements. Topping this up with Kamikaze Collection Overcoat it’s a seriously strong combination.

Wheels were removed and coated inside and out with Gyeon Rim as well as the calipers. This is an additional bolt on wheel/caliper care package. Centre caps were re-aligned with the tyre valves and torqued to factory specs. The locking wheel bolts are aligned at 12 o’clock even though they are under the dust caps.

The owner also opted to have the leather treatment package added to his new car detail. Multiple coats of Dr Leather Dye Block was applied to the black, cream and carbon fibre weaved seats, with the steering wheel door cards, gear knob and gator also coated. Exterior glass received Gtechniq Smart Glass coating for easy viewing and extra safety when driving in poor conditions.

The result an extremely gloss, wet look appearance to the lapis blue paintwork with incredible protection to every surface of the vehicle. I do love working on lapis blue!

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