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This brand new 67 plate Porsche Macan S in black was delivered by the owner straight from the dealership. On inspection of the vehicle there was a very deep scratch on the boot and minor scratches around the door panels. A full wash down and decontamination was carried out with a multi stage machine polish to rid the defects.

When working my way around the car, moving the light onto the front bumper ready for polishing presented itself with a mass of polishing holograms, tight swirl marks from dirty machine pads and general poor finishing. This obviously had a knock and was rushed to get it out the door. I was in awe how this could be presented to a customer in that condition. The dealership themselves even contacted me via the owner asking for the videos and pictures of the defects I put up to be taken offline, because it looks bad… even though they were the ones who inflicted the defects in the first place. No compensation that I am aware of was given to the owner, only “sorry”. Ridiculous customer service and goes to show a premium brand cannot be trusted. I was pretty disgusted with it in all honesty.

Anyway, paintwork protected was a Kamikaze Collection combo with Miyabi being a base coat and certified only ISM Pro on top after specific curing times to give a beautiful wet look finish, intense gloss and superb protection against the elements.

Exterior glass was coated with Gtechniq, wheel faces coated with Carpro DLUX and the interior received a leather care package to help against dye transfer and dirt.

The Macan S now looks like it should have from the showroom.


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